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Episode 1. Chii Awakens
Motosuwa Hideki is an eighteen year old country side youth who just received rejection letters from certain Tokyo university that he had intended to attend.

But not giving up, Motosuwa came to Tokyo anyways, to ATTEND ROUNIN SCHOOL! (A school for people who failed to get accepted to univerties on their first try). After arriving at his new apartment, Hideki met the beautiful landlady and later got introduced to his new neighbor, Shinbo, who's also 18 and will also be attending the same rounin school Hideki will be going to!

Late at night on the same day, Hideki walks back home from the grocery store and just when he was daydreamingly walking past the garbage can, he noticed a PERSOCON lying in the garbage! Afterwards, he brought the persocon home, turned her on in an ultra-hentai fashion, then CHII WAS AWAKENED!